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This Travis Kelce mic’d-up video from Sunday is fun

Kelce was wearing a mic during the Chiefs’ win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was mic’d up Sunday during the team’s win against the San Francisco 49ers.

The NFL released the video on its official Twitter account on Wednesday night:

Highlights and notes

  • 0:00-0:13: The video shows how juiced up Kelce gets during warmups, shaking hands with teammates and yelling at everybody.
  • 0:15: Kelce begins quoting The Waterboy.
  • 0:29: A kiss hello from Kelce to Kansas City.
  • 1:00: The referee asks Kelce how many yards he currently has and Kelce tells him that he doesn't keep track of yards and he just wants to win. Whether or not that is always true, that’s a pretty cool moment. Kelce finished with a season-high 114 yards in the game.
  • 1:20: If you’re wondering who’s shouting at Kelce that no one can cover him, it’s Chiefs assistant athletic trainer David Glover.
  • 1:33: Mitch Holthus cameo note: “He goes to the top of the highest ride at Worlds of Fun.” So good.
  • 1:43: Andy Reid pets Kelce.
  • 2:00: For anyone that thinks the Chiefs’ skill-position players could be worried about getting the ball, this should ease that fear. Look how excited Kelce is for the Sammy Watkins touchdown. They just want to win.
  • 2:27: Eric Fisher belly slap.
  • 2:37: The referee asks Kelce if he’s tired. Kelce: “Boy, I’m tired as s-it.”
  • 3:06: Kelce addresses one of my biggest gripes about the Chiefs in recent years—finishing and dominating games. Kelce says, “Get that grit back. Let’s go. We stepping on their necks, that’s what we're doing.” This is Bill Belichick-type stuff and what the Chiefs are now capable of with this offense. Good to hear.

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