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Andy Reid talked to Brett Favre about why Patrick Mahomes reminds him of Brett Favre

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid joined Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday to talk about who else but quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But this was a little different with Brett Favre as the host. Mahomes has been compared to Favre quite a bit in the past.

Of course, Favre said, “You and this guy Mahomes, man. Y’all need to slow it down a little bit.”

And that got Reid going. Remember, Reid knows Favre well thanks to his days as a member of the Green Bay Packers coaching staff. Reid was an offensive line coach on the Packers Super Bowl in 1996 and then a quarterbacks coach for the next two seasons.

Reid, per SiriusXM NFL Radio: “Yeah. Well, you and I cheated a little bit because I talked to you about this guy before when he was in college. So people don’t know this, but I was at UTEP when Brett and I played against each other when he was a young pup at Southern Miss there. So, I saw Brett when he was young and running around and doing these kinds of things and then I turn on this tape and I see this kid at Texas Tech running around and doing these things, and you can’t coach that. That’s just the love of the game, and both you and Patrick play like you’re playing in the backyard. Like you just go, ‘OK. All right, we’re going to line up and the coach is going to give me this, but you know what? If that’s not there, then we’re just going to make it happen.’ Those similarities are so unique. You’ve already done it—you’re the Hall of Famer and he’s just beginning his career here, but it’s fun to be around. He loves the game like you love the game, and that’s the part that I might appreciate the most.”

Reid went on to discuss the Favre-like play that led to Mahomes’ 4-yard touchdown to wide receiver Chris Conley on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

“I put my shorts on, I went out and demonstrated that little move for him,” Reid laughed. “Those are the things I’m talking about. Those are the ones that are different. There are not a lot of guys—I’m just waiting for him to go, ‘Hey there’s Mr. Miyagi,’ for that. Those kind of guys that appreciate and love the game, they’re rare that way.”

Favre recently said that Mahomes’ is as good as anyone who’s ever played the game. Mahomes responded humbly when asked about those comments last week.

“That’s awesome for him to say,” Mahomes said. “Someone I looked up to growing up and playing football. But there is still a long way for that. I am just trying to keep getting better every single day and hopefully, we can have a lot of success this season and hopefully further on from that.”

As a casual reminder, Favre is a Super Bowl-winning Hall of Famer who played for 16 years, throwing for nearly 72,000 yards, 508 touchdowns and 336 interceptions.

Those comparisons should never get old to Chiefs fans. By the way, Mahomes is pacing to have 261 less career interceptions than Favre as of this writing.

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