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Let Derrick Nnadi start your Friday off right

Nnadi shared his favorite superpower with KCTV5 on Thursday.

Friend of the site, KCTV’s Tom Martin, was in the Kansas City Chiefs locker room on Thursday, and while in there, he had a chance to catch up with rookie nose tackle Derrick Nnadi.

Somehow the topic of conversation became Nnadi’s ideal superpower, and his answer was wonderful.

“Teleportation,” Nnadi said. “Know what, I wanna go home to Virginia? Boom! I’m back home. Hello? There’s a party in Florida? Boom. I’m right there. Oh, man, the game’s over. My parents want to see me. I call—where you at? Tell me the location. Boom. I’m right there.”

What’s your ideal superpower? Tell us in the comments.

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