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What they’re saying: Kyle Shanahan hopes Patrick Mahomes’ success slows down in Week 3

San Francisco 49ers head coach shares his thoughts on the 49ers week three matchup against the Chiefs.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Three wins in three weeks?

That’s what the Kansas City Chiefs are looking for as they prepare for their 2018 season home opener against the San Francisco 49ers at Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday at Noon.

We’ve heard from the Kansas City coaches and players this week and know their thoughts going into the game. But what does San Francisco think?

Here’s what 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan had to say in his conversation with the local Kansas City media this week.

On Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes:

“He’s got as big an arm as anyone, he hangs in there, he’s tough, he can make some off-schedule plays and when someones open in rhythm, wherever they are, he’s got the arm strength to beat people there and get it down the field,” Shanahan said. “He was a big player in college and now tied in with Andy and the stuff they’re doing with all of the talent he has around him you can expect to see him even better in the pros.”

On calling plays for an offense that’s clicking:

“When you have the types of speed they have — they have three receivers who are on 4-3, they have arguably the best tight ends in the NFL, if not tied, they have one of the top running backs you can’t defend,” Shanahan said. “As a play caller, it’s very fun to spread it out and not care who you get the ball to cause you’ve got guys all over, a quarterback who can make plays and that is extremely fun for an offensive coordinator because you can just attack the defense and go to the holes in the defense and know whoever is in that hole has the capability of scoring.”

On what to look for out of players like Jimmy Garoppolo and Mahomes at training to know that they can be successful:

“It starts with the talent and how they look in practice,” Shanahan said. “How they carry themselves in practice when you have the plays going you’re carded up for certain looks, how automatic they are in those looks when it’s easy when it’s obviously not there how easy is it for them to progress and get to number two or number three in a progression. When you have guys like that who come out of the gate like they both have everyone gets very excited, but that’s also a lot of pressure on both those guys. I don’t care who you are, that’s very tough to keep up — even if sometimes you can play it better and you still don’t have those same numbers. He’s (Mahomes) been doing great. I know he’s going to do great all year, and have a successful career, but I hope it slows down this week.”

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