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Patrick Mahomes film review: something improved and something that needs improvement

Our third and final part of our three-part Patrick Mahomes Week 1 film review is in.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This is part three of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes.

Part one here, part two here.

Something improved

We know full well some of the things Patrick Mahomes is capable of. We don’t know ALL of them, which is equally is exciting. His rare talent was on full display Sunday, but it’s going to be the little things that will help him reach his ceiling.

This is the out route from the Bears game I wrote about after the week three preseason game and another out route from Sunday. The Bears games shows an unnecessarily lazy base and follow through, leading to a ball that sailed high and inside. It was an easy completion for the taking. Mahomes missed it when he had plenty of time to set up to deliver an accurate throw.

On Sunday, Mahomes didn’t waste the opportunity. He opened up to the throw more and used proper weight transfer to deliver the ball more accurately. The ball still stayed a little too inside, but he threw the pass from a platform that will undoubtedly lead to more consistently on throws like this.

Every team needs the layups. Being consistent with the easy plays leads to sustained drives, which can keep your defense from having to be on the field for 75 plays. As the season progresses, consistency on the little things will matter.

Something that needs improvement

“He got a little greedy on a couple of them. He’s got to get down, and I’m sure he’s going to feel it today.” - Andy Reid on Patrick Mahomes not sliding

There were moments where Mahomes was smart to slide and avoid big collisions. It wasn’t consistent enough though. On the play above, Mahomes did a poor job protecting himself. This was a reckless collision that could’ve been lessened or potentially avoided.

Carson Wentz hurt is knee at the goal line against the Los Angeles Rams late in the season on a reckless dive into the end zone. He lost his chance to play in the Super Bowl as a result. The Chiefs can’t withstand the loss of Mahomes the way the Eagles were ultimately able to. The franchise rests on the health of the kid.

When it comes to protecting himself and evading as many big, unnecessary blows as possible, Mahomes needs to be perfect. We’ve started to see the capabilities he has. He can’t reach his full potential on IR.

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