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For Patrick Mahomes, Tuesday was all about the hair

The Mahomes cut is the coolest thing goin’.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Never mind about his desire to get on the field and lead his team as the starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. Never mind that he wants to learn how to be an efficient NFL quarterback. Never mind about the chemistry he has with his wide receivers.

Let’s ask Patrick Mahomes about his haircut!

Just like it was when Sammy Watkins reported to training camp without his trademark dreads, on Tuesday morning the media at Chiefs training camp in St. Joseph were obsessed with a haircut — this time, the one on the head of Patrick Mahomes.

This all started when the Chiefs’ new starting quarterback retweeted photos of others who were getting haircuts inspired by the Mahomes ‘do.

Naturally, we’re going to show you one:

So the hardworking members of the Fourth Estate had to ask numerous questions about the retweets, the history of the hairdo and so on.

Somehow they never thought to ask the name of his stylist — or their Twitter handle.

By now, you’re probably thinking we’re going to put ourselves above the fray, and won’t engage in such silliness.

Not a chance. Here at Arrowhead Pride, we were way in on this story months ago — and we have standards to maintain! So let’s dive right in.

Mahomes said he got the haircut as a lark while he was in college.

“[I’ve had it] since my freshman year of college,” Mahomes said. “After the freshman football season, I got the cut kind of as a joke with one of my friends. I started letting it grow out to where it is now.”

He said while he hasn’t encouraged people to get their own Mahomes locks, when they do, giving them some attention is the least he can do.

“If they do it, I’ll show a little respect, and give them the retweet. It’s pretty cool to see kids getting their hair cut like mine. Growing up, you try to get haircuts like other people, so when kids do that to you, it’s kind of an awesome experience.”

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although he remembers noticing the haircut of Oklahoma’s Kenny Stills (now a wide receiver with the Miami Dolphins) he doesn’t have a hair idol.

“When I got the cut, I kind of showed some guys in the league that already had this kind of haircut. I kind of modeled after it starting off. And then I’ve tried to make it my own thing as I’ve gone on.”

He has no plans to change the cut any time soon.

“Eventually you get to a certain age, it might be a little too much, but right now, I’m good with the hair.”

Stay calm, friends. Real football — at least the part that doesn’t count — starts Thursday.

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