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Arrowhead Pride Beer of the Week: Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro

Looking for something to drink while the Chiefs play this weekend? Come let Craig tell you about this week’s Beer of the Week!

Photo Courtesy of Left Hand Brewing

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Beer of the Week!

As always, the Beer of the Week is originally presented on the Arrowhead Pride Tailgate on 610 Sports Radio as part of my “Defense and Beer of the Week” segment.

With a Saturday noon kickoff for our Kansas City Chiefs this week, I’m here to give you a fantastic tailgating beer to go along with smoked meat or burgers as you sit down to watch the game with some friends. This week’s Beer of the Week is Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro!

A 6% ABV Sweet Stout, Milk Stout Nitro is the flagship beer in Left Hand Brewing’s groundbreaking Nitro series. Aromas of vanilla cream, brown sugar and coffee compliment the mocha and roasted flavors of the beer.

Coupling that with the creaminess that the Nitro adds to the beer makes for an utterly drinkable stout that’s approachable for all types of beer drinkers. And anyone who has had the pleasure of drinking a Nitrogenated stout knows the joy of watching the cascading head form on top of the beer like whipped cream. Just make sure you pour it hard out of the bottle.

No, seriously.

Pour hard.
Photo courtesy of Left Hand Brewing

Left Hand Brewing was founded 25 years ago as the first brewery in Longmont, Colorado. They’re currently the fourth largest brewery in the state and are still employee owned. Left Hand Brewing pioneered America’s original Nitro bottle, and they had the first production run of Nitro widget cans stateside. The people at Left Hand Brewing know their Nitro beers.

Currently available in 41 states, Arrowhead Pride readers throughout the US should be able to rush out to their local liquor store and grab a sixer of bottles or a four pack of cans on the way home from work this evening.

With Left Hand Brewing being located in Colorado, some die-hard Chiefs fans might have some pause, thinking they’re potentially supporting one of the Chiefs rival fan groups. However, when I spoke to their director of marketing, I found out that she is a Kansas City native and a huge Chiefs fan, so you can drink this one completely fan-guilt free!

Of all the beers I’ve covered thus far, Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro is definitely the most regular presence in my household.

As a matter of fact, it’s currently occupying space in my beer fridge! It’s one of my absolute favorites and one that I recommend regularly to new and old craft beer drinkers alike.

Make sure to swing by your local liquor store and scoop up some of Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro this weekend if you can!

Check back here this time next week for the new Beer of the Week!

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