Arrowhead Pride's Hawaiian Shirt Day at Chiefs Training Camp

It’s here! It’s time!
Hawaiian Shirt Day is upon us!

After a bit of discussion the date for the Third Annual Hawaiian Shirt Day is Saturday, 08/11/18.

Last year we had just shy of 10 members show up and represent Arrowhead Pride. It was a great turnout and was a blast. In the continuing spirit of Chiefs fandom and Arrowhead Pride we would like to see that number grow this year (and every year after).

In case you don’t have a snazzy Hawaiian shirt you still have a little time to find one. Also please don’t think you have to spend big bucks to look stylish on Saturday. I’ve seen shirts at thrift shops, Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, and Target all for reasonable amounts. So come out to chat, meet some members, and watch some camp. It should be a great time. Maybe we will plan a lunch afterwards?... Anyone know where we can get some good Que?

A few tips I can think of for anyone showing up to training camp:

If you are a hat wearer, bring one and rock it. (Buckets are trending)

Bring sunglasses.

Bring money, lots of it.

Sunscreen is a must.

Wear comfortable shoes so you can stand and walk around.

Bring your own sharpie if you want autographs (players don’t have these on hand). Also, bring a cute kid, it helps.

Feel free to add more tips in the comments. Let us know if you are coming and as always rec this post to keep it at the top.

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