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10 of the coolest pieces of Chiefs gear you’ve probably never seen

The Arrowhead Pride readers had great submission on Friday

We’re less than three weeks from training camp and that means not a ton of new, relevant news. So, with that in mind, on Friday, we asked Arrowhead Pride twitter followers to send us in their favorite pieces of Kansas City Chiefs gear.

Here were the top 10:

No. 10 - A baby!

Here are the rules of the countdown. If you send in a piece of Chiefs gear that cute it’s making the top 10 no questions asked.

No. 9 - A son!

OK. Babies are one thing, but you take it to a whole new level when you send in your son...WHO IS A CHIEF. Suzy offered her human son Gehrig into the countdown and he makes it at number 9.

Fun fact: Gehrig is Patrick Mahomes’ best friend on the team. We continue...

No. 8 - Flower-Pot Trent Green

You: “Pete. You put flower-pot Trent Green on the coolest pieces of Chiefs gear countdown. What is wro—”

Hey. Pump the brakes, allow me to explain. The thing I love about this is that Katie’s dad had this made for her. There is only one flower-pot Trent Green, and it belongs to Katie.

That, and Trent quote-tweeted Flower-Pot Trent Green and didn’t even acknowledge the oddness of the item. Just another day in the life of Trent.

No. 7 - Kansas City Chiefs Rey Mysterio Mask

Those of you who know me well understand I couldn’t help myself with this.

No. 6 - Travis Kelce-signed black Chiefs helmet

When picking out items for a countdown with so many great submissions, you have to look for uniqueness. Call me crazy, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black Chiefs helmet, and I kind of like it a lot! The added bonus is the signature from Travis Kelce.

And would you look at that, we’re halfway through the countdown, so why not a halftime poll?


Would you ever like to see the Chiefs with an alternate black helmet?

This poll is closed

  • 64%
    (1006 votes)
  • 35%
    (551 votes)
1557 votes total Vote Now

No. 5 - The Patrick Mahomes section

You knew it was coming. The Pat Mahomes section of the countdown. We received tons of Mahomes submissions, but these were what I found to be the coolest. I love the Chris Sembower aspect. Deep in the crevices of the AP website I believe there is a Sembower section.


We know that this can’t be either the pick-six or the pick-two ball (Eric Berry gave those to his parents), but the detail on this is awesome. AP reader James found him an Atlanta Falcons version of the ‘The Duke,’ and presumably had Berry sign it and write “Pick-6” and “Pick-2.”

Berry had the first “Pick-2” in NFL history in December of 2016 when the Chiefs beat the Falcons, 29-28. Get some glass for this thing, James!

No. 3 - Lamar Hunt-signed Pro Football Hall of Fame ball

This one speaks for itself.

No. 2 - Len Dawson smoking a cigarette T-shirt

SiriusXM Radio’s Kyle Ayers sent this gem in and I just couldn’t help myself. You’re all familiar with the story.

Midway through Super Bowl IV as the Chiefs held an easy, breezy 16-0 lead, Len Dawson ripped a heater and sipped on a Fresca. The moment was captured in this iconic photograph, now on Ayers’ T-shirt.


It’s been (gulp) 48 years since the Chiefs were Super Bowl champions. It’s time to get Ryan and Matthew some fresh merch.


If you’re not riding the Chief Mobile to training camp, you may as well stay home.

Cutting items for this countdown was tough. Check out all the great submissions here.

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