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The best thing from St. Joe on Patrick Mahomes hasn’t come from the field

Sometimes, you have to dig deeper to find the good stuff.

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Two days in and the oohs and ahhs at training camp are already plenty loud with the explosive plays Kansas City Chiefs fans are being teased with.

The on-field work is promising, but the thing that has me most excited this week was the excellent piece on Mahomes from the Kansas City Star’s Yahoo! Sports’ Terez Paylor.

Make sure you read the whole thing because there are so many great nuggets in there about the kid. But the quote that best encapsulates what has me excited was this one from backup quarterback Chad Henne:

“He can pick out pretty much any play in the playbook … apply it to the coverage and know where to go with the football without having install.”

This is just one of several bits of information that are absolutely worth your time, but this quote shows the commitment to the developmental process that Mahomes has shown the last 15 months in Kansas City.

The Chiefs have had a clear plan to develop Mahomes: they started from the ground up with him, making incremental improvements in his footwork to start. The mental aspect is a huge piece of the process he’s gone through and the Chiefs have done a great job of holding him accountable to a very high standard.

Mahomes has responded to meet those standards. He has it in himself. His familiarity with how professional athletes handle themselves through his father and godfather LaTroy Hawkins give him an understanding of what is required for greatness. They aren’t letting him slide.

We are seeing a total immersion into the intricacies required to become great. The attention to detail we are hearing about makes it hard to not be excited.

Mahomes is all in on the challenge the organization has given him and he is truthfully further along than I expected. The effort has to match the talent if he’s going to reach the expectations that have been placed on him, and to this point, I don’t think there’s any way you can be dissatisfied with the reports that have come out of the building.

The Chiefs continue to test his limits, continue to hold him accountable and throw as much as they can at him. The bar will keep getting raised every time Mahomes nears a benchmark. By all indications, he embraces that and keeps reaching to attain them.

Mahomes takes the responsibility seriously, and the Chiefs aren’t letting him slide. It appears to be a perfect marriage and one that best positions him to come near or reach his ceiling.

There are great quotes in Paylor’s piece that show the hard work that has been put in this offseason to start the Super Bowl-contention window immediately. Hearing that the 22-year-old can pick out any play in the playbook and give you the progression based on coverage is not normal for such a young player. You’ll typically see more gaps in what they do and don’t know. That’s rare, and it takes relentless effort to reach that level so quickly.

There’s certainly going to be growing pains with Mahomes, but based on what we’ve heard to this point, the expectation is that he won’t make the same mistake again. He is responding well to the challenge.

The flashiest moments are of training camp are the clips that come out of practice, but you should be more excited about how seriously and methodically the new signal-caller is approaching his desire to be great. Talent has never been the issue with Mahomes, but continually getting information about the little things he’s doing to maximize that talent is what has me optimistic about his and the organization’s future.

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