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Reggie Ragland is on the NFI list. What does it mean?

Explaining the NFI list vs. the PUP list.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chief Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Editor’s note: After the Chiefs’ first training camp practice, head coach Andy Reid said that inside linebacker Reggie Ragland will start camp on the non-football injury list (NFI). Let’s bring in AP medical expert Aaron Borgmann to explain what that means.

There were a lot of questions Thursday about the NFI list and what it means. NFI, if you haven’t seen already, stands for Non-Football Injury list. This can be a tricky designation.

Essentially, what this means is that a player has an issue that has arisen as a result of an activity that has taken place away from the team. This can be anything from training on his own for football to a car accident to an extended illness. Players can be removed from this designation at any time when they are deemed ready to participate.

In the case of the player that was mentioned today, it was stated that swelling from a plane ride was the cause, which in a player with a pre-existing condition, can definitely happen. Joints and body parts that have been affected due to injury or surgery are prone to swelling during flight.

PUP, on the other hand, stands for Physically Unable to Perform. This designation was covered earlier this week. This is a classification of player that has been injured with the team previously during a game or practice either in season or during off season workouts or practices.

This is done so that if the player is unable to be ready to go by the time the season begins, the team has options with that player as far as not taking up a roster spot. PUP listers cannot practice with the team until they are removed from that list and once removed, cannot return.

In both instances, it gives the team the ability to protect the player and the roster overall if issues should arise down the road with their respective conditions. These lists are very critical at the start of the season in order to manage injuries and how the team goes forward through the preseason toward the beginning of the regular season.

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