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Here’s why Monday’s Chiefs injury updates mean good things moving forward

The Chiefs provided a big injury update after Monday’s practice in St. Joseph.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s note (PETE SWEENEY): The Kansas City Chiefs provided injury updates after Monday’s training camp practice, which you can find here. Here’s why it is positive for the Chiefs:

Obviously, based upon the given information and what is available to the public, there are several layers of news to break down here.

The fact that most of these players are participating in practice in some form automatically makes them ineligible for PUP. This is positive news for the team and the fans of those players, as they may not quite be at full participation yet, but the medical staff has deemed them far enough along in their recovery to participate in some form of practice.

This is relevant because PUP players are NOT allowed to practice per NFL rules—only rehab and attend meetings—and once you begin practice, are NOT allowed to be placed on PUP.

Full or limited participation adds another layer of insight into the recovery process.

Players that are found ready for contact essentially have no restrictions at this point. Reps may be monitored or limited, but activity is essentially a full go. Limited contact individuals are players that are generally very close to returning to full participation but may require additional time due to various factors. This can be different for every player and position, but overall is a good sign for that player’s return to the field.

If you are a fan of those players mentioned, there is a lot to be excited about!

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