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This is a very good story on Reggie Ragland

Old friend BJ Kissel of Chiefs dot come did it again

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chief Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs traded for inside linebacker Reggie Ragland back in late August of 2017, and since then, he’s grown into one of the most important players on the Kansas City Chiefs defense.

Old friend BJ Kissel of Chiefs dot com profiled Ragland in his latest long-form for the mothership: Leadership Personified: Reggie Ragland’s Remarkable Journey Has Built Him for This Moment

Here is a snippet from Kissel’s piece:

The first two years at Alabama weren’t exactly what Reggie had expected. He had played only sparingly—amassing just 25 total tackles over that time, which was tough for a player who had always been the best player on whatever team he was on.

There were zero issues with his work ethic, character, or ability. He had quickly made the switch from outside linebacker to inside, per the request of Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

It just hadn’t clicked for Reggie yet.

“It’s the first thing Coach Saban tells everyone, especially the freshman,” Reggie recalled. “All those stars you got, excuse my language, but that s**t is gone. Like, this is my world, this is my house, you’re going to do what I say. You’re either going to get with it or get gone.”

That kind of approach was exactly what Reggie needed, but it took time to get there.

“I think it’s pretty typical when guys come in that they have sort of this one set of standards that are created and set by external factors, which are expectations,” Saban, who has guided Alabama to six National Championships and won two National Coach of the Year Awards, explained. “They don’t really understand fully what it takes to be a great college player, but they have those expectations of what they want to accomplish.

“I think in their first two years, and sometimes longer, it takes guys a little more time to realize what they need to do to be a good player.”

It’s a great read as we ramp up for Chiefs training camp, which begins with practice for the rookies and quarterbacks on Monday.

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