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Tyreek Hill reveals his favorite NFL moment

The Chiefs wide receiver released another video to his YouTube channel on Thursday

Tyreek Hill released another video on his YouTube channel on Thursday afternoon after his first video documented a recent workout with fellow Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Gehrig Dieter.

This time, Hill recorded the video from his couch, where he answered fan questions as submitted to him by Twitter.

The questions

:40 - What has been your favorite moment in the NFL?

1:19 - How are you going to improve your career QBR?

1:49 - How’d you learn to run so fast and catch so accurately?

1:52 - What motivated you to make it to the NFL?

2:54 - What should your Madden rating be?

3:17 - Who’s your biggest mentor on the Kansas City Chiefs?

3:50 - If you could match up with any corner in history, who would it be?

4:22 - Who are the top five receivers in the NFL?

4:43 - What’s your favorite part about game day?

5:21 - What do you usually eat for dinner?

5:26 - Do you plan to stay with the Chiefs?

A quick review

On my review of Hill’s initial video, I wrote about how I expected to see more of his personality. We certainly got that in video No. 2.

Hill is as comfortable as I’ve seen him in an interview setting. Playfully talking about Popeyes, his face lights up, and by the end of the video, he’s said he should be a 99 rating in Madden and has challenged Deion Sanders in his prime.

But the best answer of the video, in my opinion, is early on, when Hill talks about his favorite NFL moment:

“Man, it has to be my rookie year against the Raiders, when the crowd was like, ‘Tyreek, Tyreek, Tyreek, Tyreek!’ It was crazy man. It was cracking. I had chills running up my body. It was crazy. It was like one of those moments when DeSean Jackson had the punt return against the Giants and won the game. I had a chance to do the same thing. It was crazy man. That moment there was the craziest moment ever.”

As for his top five NFL receivers?

  1. Cheetah
  2. Cheetah
  3. Cheetah
  4. Cheetah
  5. Tyreek

That should work for Chiefs fans. Check out the full video here.

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