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Meet Arrowhead Pride’s new weeknight editor, Aly Trost

Aly has written for SB Nation sites Swish Appeal and The Blue Testament.

Growing up, sports played a major role in my life. As one of four kids, the oldest, and the only girl, playing, watching and following sports was one of the biggest ways that my three younger brothers and I connected and spent time together.

Each of us athletes, most weekdays and weekends were spent on every court, rink or field in the St. Louis, MO area — thanks to my supportive and incredibly patient parents. Family, both immediate and extended, were crucial in developing my love for athletics.

Whether it was my dad supporting and coaching me on and off the field, my extended Trost family’s annual indoor soccer game at Christmas, or my great-uncle, a U.S. soccer Hall of Fame inductee and former professional athlete, Al Trost’s influence and example, I knew early on that sports would remain a crucial part of my personal, and eventually, professional life.

A fun side note: former St. Louis Rams (R.I.P)-player-turned-Chiefs-player, Dexter McCleon was my old neighbor growing up and would toss the football or run plays with us in his front yard. My brothers and I may or may not have accidentally kicked or thrown a few footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, etc. into his pool for an excuse to go over there in the summer.

My primary sport growing up was the other kind of football — soccer. From kickarounds in kindergarten to playing at the highest possible level in high school, I spent many days, nights and weekends around the game. Despite exploring various D1 and D2 scholarship options my junior and senior year, I eventually decided to hang up my cleats (aside from some recreational play) and not push some of the persisting injuries that I had endured early on in high school by opting to play in college.

Another factor that contributed to my decision was my desire to focus on a career path I had always wanted to pursue: journalism. So, in the fall of 2013, I packed up and went just two hours down Highway 70 to attend the renowned University of Missouri School of Journalism. It was during my time there (2013-17) that I learned the ins and outs of news writing, creative storytelling, digital media, video editing, camera operation, one-on-one interviewing, advertising/marketing, social strategy and much, much more.

Then, in 2016, at the start of my senior year, I came across my first opportunity in sports journalism as a contributor for SB Nation’s Swish Appeal site. While my primary role was in serving as the Mizzou women’s basketball beat writer for the site during their 2016-17 season, I also covered a variety of NCAAW and WNBA news/events.

It was through this first “foot in the door” experience, if you will, that I learned how to translate my writing and storytelling skills over to the beautiful world of sports reporting. The more I learned, the more my passion for it grew, and, after just six months of working with Swish Appeal, I landed my first ‘big’ gig: NBA All-Star Weekend 2017 in New Orleans, LA.

All-Star Weekend presented me with my on-camera opportunity, giving me the chance to interview various NBA, WNBA, celebrities, media personalities and more — talk about baptism by fire! In just two short, incredible days, though, a newfound confidence, and love, for being in front of the camera was recognized and fueled.

Just before graduation, I excitedly took my first job as a creative copywriter at a respected design firm located in Crossroads, Kansas City. Here, I work with a talented design/creative team to help various local, national and international clients tell their stories through unique, quality branding that stands out and leaves an impression.

In addition to my full-time job, I knew I wanted to keep following my passion for sports journalism by getting involved in the coverage of local Kansas City sports on nights and weekends. So, right before I moved, I got on board with SB Nation’s The Blue Testament, covering Sporting Kansas City.

Alongside an incredible team of passionate soccer fans, I was able to help introduce new video content, as well as get involved with the revival of the Shades of Blue Soccer Show podcast, which I participate in with three of my fellow Blue Testament contributors weekly.

Working with the Sporting Kansas City management, media, coaches, players, fans, event staff and everyone in-between has been unbelievably rewarding and, most of all, fun. I look forward to the new relationships that will form with the entire Chiefs organization as a result of my involvement with Arrowhead Pride this season and beyond.

I am honored to join the Arrowhead Pride family and am beyond proud to be the first regular female contributor in site history.

My goal is to provide all of Chiefs Kingdom with new, fresh content and help tell the stories of the team, the players, the coaches, and, most importantly, the fans who help make it all so special.

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