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Tyreek Hill’s new YouTube channel provided behind-the-scenes look at an offseason workout

Hill and Gehrig Dieter practiced recently at Shawnee Mission South

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill debuted his Twitter channel Sunday, with his first episode, “This Is What I Do.”

The 10-minute episode goes behind-the-scenes of a recent offseason workout.

The highlights

0:01 - Hill is wearing cheetah-print shorts, which is an amazing move. Also, it becomes clear pretty quickly there is no dress code for this practice.

0:07 - Hill is working out with fellow Chiefs wideout Gehrig Dieter, the “best friend” of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. I’ve seen Dieter stuff enough this offseason to know he’s putting in the work. Is he a dark-horse candidate to make the club? We’ll begin to find out next week.

0:23 - We learn Hill and Dieter are working out in Overland Park, Kansas. My Twitter fam helped me determine they were practicing at Shawnee Mission South.

2:15 - A Chiefs fan walks up and asks Hill for a photograph. The fan says he doesn’t want to touch Hill because he’s sweaty. He takes a non-contact photo.

2:29 - The first appearance of shirt-off, headphones-on-the-hat guy, my favorite character of the show. He reappears in the background around the 4-minute mark.

3:03 - Nobody wants a picture with Dieter. Next year, maybe.

3:20 - The quarterback, a lefty not named Patrick Mahomes, has a bad throw. He screams, “Mother-[explicit]!”

4:35 - I get it (the show is a Hill highlight reel), but this is one of the better catches of the workout.

6:05 - How is anyone going to stop Hill this year?

6:45 - A teaching moment from Hill to Dieter, cool to see.

7:35 - “I feel good, man. This is my sanctuary right here. This is what I do.” - Hill

7:55 - Fly route.

8:48 - “Two young stars. We taking over this year, I promise you. Cheetah out.” - Hill

My thoughts

When Hill announced the YouTube channel on Sunday, I was expecting to see more of his personality, but going behind the scenes of an offseason workout was still interesting to me. Many times, we’ll hear players talk about working out in the offseason, but rarely do we get to see it. That’s what you get in this video.

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