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Chiefs training camp is two weeks away. Here’s another fan-made hype video to curb your appetite

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs training camp opens to the public exactly two weeks from Thursday with a practice in St. Joseph at 3:30 p.m. Arrowhead Time. You can find the full training camp schedule here.

While we wait for camp to get going, curb your appetite with another fan-made hype video, this time courtesy of our friend of the site at Arrowheads Abroad.

The best parts

0:59 — Look at how shocked Nick Wright is at the forward progress call. His face captures exactly how every Chiefs fan felt watching Jeff Triplette’s baffling forward progress call. Wright: “If that play is forward progress, then every fumble in NFL history where the ball isn’t punched out from behind is forward progress.”

1:49 — Mad-at-the-other-team Travis Kelce is the best Kelce (within reason).

2:17 — It’s easy to forget because he did slow down in the middle of the season, but how many times early on in 2017 did we see Kareem Hunt just running with the entire defense chasing behind? Chiefs need to see more of that early Hunt in 2018.

3:04 — Nice fade effect to balance Sammy Watkins wearing a grotesque version of the color yellow with Los Angeles. Also, is Watkins, Willie Mays?

3:50 — Having Tyreek Hill is a cheat code.

4:39 — I nearly forgot Kelce did the Eagles taunt during the Philly game. Plus, the jump.

5:22 — Great ending. Nice touch.

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