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Chiefs borrowed a college play that led to touchdown in ‘17 Patriots opener

Kareem Hunt’s 78-yard touchdown against the New England Patriots came straight out of the North Dakota State playbook, per ESPN

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I love behind-the-play stories like this.

As football writers debate college football vs. pro football stemming from Sports Illustrated’s Andy Benoit’s Wednesday column, ESPN’s Mike Sando has shined some light on a play the Kansas City Chiefs borrowed from college that led to a 78-yard touchdown in the team’s 2017 season opener against the New England Patriots.

Here is a clip of the play:

Former Chiefs assistant head coach and current Chicago Bears consultant Brad Childress detailed how he found the play while studying the film former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz. Though the Chiefs knew they probably couldn’t draft Wentz, Childress was doing his due diligence.

“You are looking at the player, but as coaches you can’t help but delving into, ‘OK, what kind of offense are they playing?’” Childress said, per ESPN. “They ran so much fly-sweep stuff. We had Tyreek [Hill]. We were like, ‘Man, that fits us perfectly.’ We didn’t even have Hunt then. We were thinking of Tyreek on the sweep and Tyreek coming out of the backfield running the seam.”’

The play, which Sando describes in detail, worked to perfection as the Chiefs took a 28-27 lead against the Patriots and never looked back, eventually winning, 42-27.

“You try to be creative,” Childress said. “Then you see somebody else do it and say, ‘We can do that.’ If you were to get some North Dakota State film, you would see that play and say, ‘That is a pretty cool play.’ You didn’t see them run it once. You saw them run it as a staple. You went, ‘Man, that is even better for us because their hashmarks are closer to the sideline than ours are.’”

Check out Sando’s full breakdown, including a diagram of the play, here.

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