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Chiefs mentioned among teams connected to cornerback Sam Beal

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller thinks Beal could be a fit for Brett Veach’s defensive system

2013 NFL Draft Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

If you’ve been visiting Arrowhead Pride over the past few days, you are well aware that the NFL’s supplemental draft is this Wednesday.

Five players, including Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal, are up for grabs.

Our own Kent Swanson reviewed Beal on Monday, saying that if the Chiefs do opt to take Beal, he’ll be his highest-graded prospect for the team’s 2018 draft class.

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has shown the conviction to be aggressive about acquiring players he likes.

The Chiefs have two late second-round picks in the supplemental process with the inclusion of the Los Angeles Rams’ pick they acquired in the Marcus Peters trade.

The Arrowhead Pride team gave Beal an early third-round grade and he seems like the kind of player that makes sense in Kansas City.

The Chiefs would forfeit one of those selections if they bid on Beal’s services. One of those picks does not seem out of the realm of possibility if Veach believes in the player and would have my endorsement if it happens.

The plot thickened on Tuesday, when a friend of the site, Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller, referenced the Chiefs among three destinations for Beal, mirroring Swanson’s thoughts.

Whichever team claims him will forfeit a 2019 draft pick of the corresponding round, so where can Beal expect to land? Inside NFL front offices, talk centers around the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills and Browns own plenty of 2019 draft capital, so they could exchange a future pick for Beal. The Kansas City Chiefs own two second-round picks in next year’s draft. They could put in a claim for Beal and still own the Los Angeles Rams’ pick as part of the Marcus Peters trade. Could the Chiefs replace Peters with Beal in the supplemental draft? Many front office people say Beal is the right fit for their scheme and falls in line with the type of aggressive moves general manager Brett Veach has been making.

I held the notion all along that if Veach liked Beal enough, he’ll do everything in his power, less forfeiting a first-rounder, to go get him. That means giving up one of the 2019 second-rounders without getting outbid.

The bidding is a lot like the NBA Draft lottery. Teams are broken up into three groups—group 1 (all teams with six or fewer wins), group 2 (non-playoff teams with at least seven wins) and group 3 (all 12 playoff teams).

The John Dorsey factor here is interesting because since the Browns are one of seven teams with six or fewer wins, their second-rounder would thus trump the Chiefs’ second-rounder.

There has been some buzz of Beal to the Chiefs, and you wonder if Dorsey, the former Chiefs GM and current Browns GM, would make the move to steal him off their plate. It’s doubtful considering Dorsey loves draft picks and he would be likely giving up a top-40 pick to do so, but it does add a thin layer of drama to it all.

Being two playoffs teams, the Buffalo Bills (yes, the Bills made the playoffs) and Chiefs are at the luck of the draw in group three.

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