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Best of the week at Arrowhead Pride

Our top Kansas City Chiefs articles from the week of July 1, 2018.

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Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

In case you missed it, here were our top articles of the week at Arrowhead Pride:

Finding the best offensive line in NFL history, a research study

Though the battle at the line of scrimmage is often characterized as overlooked, I expect that the enlightened and sophisticated browsers of Arrowhead Pride have at least some degree of knowledge when it comes to the debate over what unit is the greatest offensive line in NFL history. It’s a question I’ve pondered forever and, like many, I constantly found myself ill-equipped to have a serious discussion about with the current resources available online or in print. So I made this spreadsheet comparing and contrasting 14 of the NFL’s most formidable blocking units by their average statistics and percentiles in the categories of 1. Adjusted season rushing total, 2. Adjusted rushing touchdowns, 3. Rushing average, 4. Adjusted sacks allowed and 5. Sack percentage. I truly believe that this post may very well be the most comprehensive reference point one could ever have at their disposal when it comes to this debate.

Chiefs drop four rankings in Pro Football Focus roster breakdown entering ‘18

Prior to each season, Pro Football Focus ranks the rosters of every NFL team from 1 to 32. Entering the 2017 season one year ago, the Kansas City Chiefs were ranked ninth.

Tamba Hali: Patrick Mahomes “looked off” Marcus Peters a lot in practice

“You’re going to get a complete player,” Hali said of Mahomes. “He’s a smart player. He can throw the ball. Athletically, he’s gifted. You don’t have to coach him. In practice, I’ve watched him just look guys off—Eric Berry, look him off, complete a ball. He did it to Marcus Peters a lot—people don’t know what’s coming. I don’t want to hype him but I compare him to Brett Favre. He runs around the field, he throws the ball. He’s just having fun.”

Andy Reid likens Patrick Mahomes to Brett Favre, too

“[Reid] absolutely believed Mahomes had some Favre in his game,” a former Chiefs staff member told’s Bucky Brooks. “We constantly heard the comparisons, especially his ability to improvise and extend plays. He raved about his gunslinger mentality and big arm, and how he could fit the ball into tight windows.”

Building the offense for Patrick Mahomes: sprint out passing game

We’re nearing the end of the Building the Offense for Patrick Mahomes series. There are three more pieces to add. The philosophy of this series has been simple: find ways to generate easy throws for a young quarterback, reduce the number of plays you have to load up his plate and take advantage of his strengths.

Chiefs offseason review: inside linebackers

Should we be talking more about the linebackers?

This is a position that has undergone a total makeover during the Brett Veach era, and, as much as any other group, symbolizes a shift in attitude and direction. Do the Chiefs finally have a pair of enforcers that can stay on the field for running and passing downs? Do they have enough depth to make it through a long season (and hopefully, a long postseason)?

Stout Assessments: coverage shells

The next tendencies to examine involve those tendencies of the secondary and their coverage shells. However, before we tackle those tendencies, I wanted to write a quick refresher on some of the basic coverage shells the Chiefs use, so we’re all on the same page going into the tendencies of the secondary, as well as the 2018 season. This may be an old hat for a lot of you, but for some, this may shed some light on terms that get thrown around without much explanation.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into our coverage shell refresher!

Lottery Tickets: ‘Tyrone Holmes’

While the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t take a big swing on any players in the 2018 NFL Draft, they did sign a player to a reserve/future contract with excellent athletic upside with no risk. If he doesn’t work out, the Chiefs are not significantly tied to this player financially. They can merely let him walk during roster cuts. If he can put it all together, the Chiefs have a cheap option at the EDGE position.

Harrison Butker set all the records with three less games to do so

But the record, or I should say, records, I want to bring some deserved light to are those of Harrison Butker from the 2017 season. It’s a well-known tale by now in Kansas City, but what transpired last year from a personnel move, then results standpoint was unprecedented.

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