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Todd Gurley: Kareem Hunt is the NFL’s No. 1 running back

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Kareem Hunt came in at No. 33 on this year’s NFL Top 100 on the NFL Network

Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt made his NFL Top 100 debut Monday night at rank No. 33 after a rookie season in which he compiled 272 rush attempts for 1,327 yards and eight rushing touchdowns, as well as 53 catches for 455 yards and three receiving touchdowns.

Hunt, 22, won the NFL’s rushing title.

The strongest compliment of the package came from LA Rams running back Todd Gurley, who, let’s be honest, isn’t too shabby himself. Producers asked Gurley who he felt was the league’s No. 1 back.

“It’s tough man,” Gurley said. “You have to give it to Hunt—he led the league in rushing as a rookie, which is hard. Touchdowns, big plays, numbers. [I have] great respect.”

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen raved about Hunt as well.

“He’s a beast, man,” Allen said. “I didn’t know how big his legs was—his hamstrings are just crazy.”

Hunt sat out last Thursday’s Chiefs’ OTA practice with a strain of one of those crazy hamstrings, but head coach Andy Reid said he’s fine.

Hunt was the second current Chief to make the NFL Top 100 this season after wide receiver Tyreek Hill came in at No. 40.