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Broncos cornerback on Tyreek Hill: “once in a generation type speed”

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Tyreek Hill came in at No. 40 on this year’s NFL Top 100 on the NFL Network

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill came in at No. 40 on the 2018 NFL Top 100 list Monday night. The rankings are voted upon by the players themselves.

Hill, 24, stayed in the top 40 after coming in at No. 36 last year.

“Once-in-a-generation-type speed,” Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby said of Hill. “The thing about him is he has that track speed, but he’s a football player too.”

Giants safety Michael Thomas explained how frustrating it is to go up against Hill.

“There’s nothing worse than you trying to catch up to somebody and you just see them pulling away,” Thomas said, “and then he does the worst thing imaginable—the deuce up at you? Like, come on, bro.”

Hill finished the 2017 season with 75 catches for 1,183 yards and seven touchdowns. According to Uncle Dave Toub, he will likely remain the team’s punt returner this season.

“Being voted by peers is truly a blessing for me,” Hill said at the end of his NFL Top 100 package. He was the first current Chief named to the list this season.