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A very good video of Eric Berry

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The NFL Films Twitter account posted a very good video of the Chiefs safety on Monday

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs-Minicamp
Eric Berry is the best.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Films official Twitter account came through with a very good video of Eric Berry Monday morning.

Berry is giving a pregame speech to the Chiefs defense:

“I don’t play with y’all. Y’all don’t play with me. We don’t play with each other. We play for each other, dog. I play for you, you play for me! You play for me, I play for you! This is how we rock, bro! It’s been like that from the beginning. We’re going to finish this out like we’re supposed to, man. Every player, every play. You gonna dominate, dog. Get that focus. Lock in. Get that picture in your mind, bro. Get the picture in your mind! We going to get this goal, bro. Our purpose to us means more than them. Our purpose to us means more to us than their purpose means to them. Straight up. You got to believe that every snap, bro. Every movement we make is with a purpose, dog! Every stance is with a purpose, dog! When you buckle your chinstrap up, it’s with a purpose, dog! Do you feel me? Do you feel me!? Do you FEEL me!? Let’s go man!”

It will be great to have him back on the field this season.