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This video of Tyreek Hill training is important

Hill has made a point of it to improve his route running this offseason.

The following video of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill running routes is important. Watch and listen closely:

This is the second video this week of Hill working with former Nebraska Cornhuskers WR coach Keith Williams. On Wednesday, Williams posted Hill showcasing the video-game speed we’ve become accustomed to seeing at Arrowhead Stadium.

The reason Friday’s video is important is because of things Hill has said in the past.

I’ve written two previous articles about the topic before, which you may find here:

To sum up my thoughts, I made the case that the 24-year-old Hill had much to improve to his game when it came to precise route running, yet he still finished seventh in the league in receiving yards for 2017.

Hill said he would thus devote his offseason to refining that skill. The video, though just a minute long, is a look at Hill doing just that.

Listen to Williams in the video.

“Make me believe it.”

That means when Hill is running a curl route, the defender should believe Hill is about to run a go.

The moral of the story: if a defending cornerback cannot tell whether Hill is running a go or a curl based upon cues, his speed is such that he will be impossible to defend.

As the world watches and talks about Patrick Mahomes, Hill is quietly working to turn that No. 7 receiving yards rank into No. 1.

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