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Best of the week at Arrowhead Pride

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Our top Kansas City Chiefs articles from the week of June 24, 2018.

Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In case you missed it, here were our top articles of the week at Arrowhead Pride:

Building the offense for Patrick Mahomes: condensed formations

The early stretch of offensive performances from the 2017 Chiefs offense were some of the more enjoyable moments of the Andy Reid era in Kansas City. The Chiefs were dictating the game, stressing teams all over the field. Teams were scared. One of the things the Chiefs leaned heavily on early was condensed formations, meaning keeping all skill players closer to the tackle box.

The ‘17 Kansas City Chiefs and their propensity to blitz

But there were some narratives that were broken by some of the tendencies that Bob Sutton and the 2017 Chiefs defense implemented. I’m back this week to shed some more light about the tendencies used last year and hopefully start some more discussion (and potentially more anger) about another oft-discussed topic: the Chiefs pass rush.

What do the Chiefs have in LB Reggie Ragland?

Last offseason, the Chiefs were in search for another inside linebacker to add to the roster, and one of their original calls was to the Dallas Cowboys for Anthony Hitchens, but the Cowboys weren’t interested in the move, presumably being unsure about Jaylon Smith.

Robert McCray is a Chiefs name you ought to know

There is a lot to like about his skill set, but the readiness of those skills may keep him from active roster status in 2018. I do think he could be a prime candidate to place on the practice squad if he continues to show growth and improvement throughout this process.

Patrick Mahomes is in a historically unique situation

One of the most anticipated seasons in Kansas City Chiefs history is upon us. For the first time since the 1987 season and Todd Blackledge, we will witness a first-round quarterback as the guy in Kansas City.

Former Chiefs OC Matt Nagy: Mahomes is going to have a great career

“Pat’s going to have a great career,” Nagy added. “He’s a special quarterback with a lot of talent. Everyone talks about his arm talent and how special his arm talent is and I was able to witness that for last year, and you obviously got to see what he did in that Denver game, and we knew that going into it last year with the draft. What a lot of people haven’t been able to really see yet in Kansas City is how well he handles his teammates when he’s in the locker room and how he is and how he handles himself around these other veterans on the practice field. Those are traits you look for in a quarterback ... I think the biggest thing—the hype can get so big for a kid—he’s still young, and there’s going to be some adversity. There’s going to be some ups and downs, and as long as everybody stays patient and realizes that, he has a very bright future.”