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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs named one of four teams that won’t return to playoffs in ‘18 by USA Today

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Chiefs headlines for Thursday, June 21

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chief Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The latest

Breaking down new-look Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes, Sammy Watkins a perfect match

The Chiefs for the most part in 2017 enjoyed a successful offensive season thanks to their starting quarterback and offensive coordinator. Now Kansas City hopes to have an even bigger year without Alex Smith and Matt Nagy.

Coach Andy Reid and Nagy’s replacement, a promoted Eric Bienemy, have gone to work with second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs found their feature running back in Kareem Hunt last year, but now they are trying take the passing game to the next level and being more aggressive to compliment Mahomes’ big arm.

4 NFL playoff teams that won't return in 2018 | USA Today

Kansas City Chiefs

Andy Reid is too good of a coach to completely count out, and it would be a shock to see Kansas City playing in January; but it looks like the team will take a step back this season in order to take leap forward in the future. Not a bad trade-off.

All-time XI, AFC West: How do Raiders' Hall of Famers stack up? -

Kansas City Chiefs

1) Derrick Thomas, OLB (1989-1999)

2) Tony Gonzalez, TE (1997-2008)

3) Len Dawson, QB (1962-1975)

As historic as Dawson's contributions are to the Chiefs franchise, and as iconic as this hardcore picture of him smoking a cig during Super Bowl I's halftime is, Thomas and Gonzalez are the superior players. The two were statistical marvels and matchup nightmares in their time and are both top-five all-timers at their respective positions.

Five reasons why the Titans will make the 2018 NFL Playoffs |

Of course, the narrative of the day was the Chiefs' -- read Andy Reid's -- inability to close out a winnable playoff game. I looked at it another way. The Titans are one of the risers in the NFL. You shouldn't expect them to go to Kansas City and win a playoff game, but I sure did. Many of you considered them an afterthought much in the same way Kofi Kingston was an afterthought in the WWE's "Money in the Bank" match this past weekend. I mean, Kofi is great. And it's not weird to see him on the main event stage. It's just that nobody expected Kofi or the Titans to win it with the big guys looming. I guess that makes the Patriots Braun Strowman now that I think about it.

Mailbag: Is Flacco ready for his year-long NFL audition? |

Here's the ideal scenario for the Ravens: All the offseason chatter about Lamar Jackson's arrival "motivating" Flacco turns out to be true (which feels like a classic offseason trope, but you never know) and Flacco enjoys a turn-back-the-clock season that a) gets Baltimore back to the playoffs and b) pumps up Flacco's value before the inevitable trade to make way for the kid. You know how everyone keeps talking (and talking and talking) about how the Bears are following the Rams' model for success this offseason? Well, the Ravens want to follow the path of the Chiefs, who managed to get value for Alex Smith and open up a spot for Patrick Mahomes with one well-timed move.

NFL Offseason Schedule: Supplemental Draft, | Sports Illustrated

In the 10 draft classes since, 14 of 27 first-round QBs started in Week 1 as rookies. Eight more started games within the first half of their rookie years. And only one, Jake Locker, didn’t start a game at all in Year 1. Locker and Patrick Mahomes were really the only two true redshirts (Mahomes started a Week 17 throwaway game last year), and in both cases, it was because the team was contending.

Jeff Triplette Reportedly Joining ESPN's NFL Broadcast Team as Rules Analyst | Bleacher Report

While Triplette was on the field for some high-profile games in his career, he did find himself under scrutiny near the end. He was involved in a controversial playoff game between the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs back in January, with Chiefs coach Andy Reid having to bite his tongue after the game so he didn't get fined. Former NFL Vice President of Officiating Mike Pereira was even critical of the officiating in the game.

Around the league

2018 NFL Over-Under Win Totals: Jon Gruden's Raiders are the ultimate wild card | CBS Sports

The Pick

Betting against Gruden feels like a foolish endeavor, especially in a division with all kinds of turnover and change occurring. Especially in his first year, it feels like he could inspire a bunch of guys to outperform expectations. But I'm going to do it anyway. I see the Raiders and Broncos battling it out for the bottom of this division.


Redskins' Alex Smith understands he won't be afforded luxury of patience in Washington | CBS Sports

"No, I don't think you can rely on the fact that, 'Oh, it's the first year here.' Nobody cares," he said, per NBC Sports Washington. "It's not like in the fall, you guys are going to be like, 'Ah, well, this is his first year here. We'll give him a break.' It just doesn't work that way."

3 NFL playoff sleepers that aren’t getting any offseason hype | For The Win

Washington should be much better at running the ball in 2018. The line should return to good health (knock on wood) and the team landed one of the draft’s most talented runners in Derrius Guice. Throw in Alex Smith’s mobility, which adds a new dimension to the offense, and the Redskins could be one of the better running teams in the league next season. Combine that with Jay Gruden’s shrewdly designed passing game and Washington undoubtedly has a playoff-caliber offense.

How Two NFL Retirees Are Tackling Their Challenges With A Strong Game Plan

Former NFL quarterback David Garrard has found personal success in life after football despite a lack of financial literacy obtained during his years in the NFL. Specifically, he chose to invest in the franchise industry and open up three Retro Fitness locations after an introduction from his financial advisor. He is not alone. Another six-year NFL veteran Jameel McClain, who now serves as Assistant Director of Engagement for the Baltimore Ravens, is invested in the same business as Garrard.

Is the NFL preparing to suspend Jameis Winston? |

A Tallahassee radio-show host created waves on Wednesday by reporting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and his advisers are bracing for that possibility.

Female high school football coach lands internship with NFL | WHTM

Boys become men under the Friday Night Lights, but for Susquehanna Township High School's only female football coach, those lights have helped guide her to the NFL.

She's stood on the sidelines for Susquehanna High School Township's football games for nine seasons as a coach, but in a few weeks, she'll be joining a new tribe -- two-time Superbowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

"I was very blessed to have Baltimore ask me to attend their camp as an intern, and then also do three first preseason games with them," said Lori "Coach Lo" Locust.

President Trump, Here’s Whom You Should Pardon | Doug Baldwin, Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins and Benjamin Watson

Only sweeping clemency will address the systemic injustice N.F.L. players like us have been protesting.

NFL Players Continue Their Protests Off Field In The Political Arena | NPR

Three New England Patriots players are taking the protest against racism and police brutality off the field. Rather than taking a knee during the national anthem, they are grilling candidates on how they'd make the criminal justice system more fair.

In case you missed it at Arrowhead Pride

Chiefs could be eyeing cornerback in July’s supplemental draft

I wrote last week about how I thought the Chiefs’ secondary depth may be better than people realize, so I doubt Chiefs general manager Brett Veach outbids at least three other interested teams to select Alexander.

That being said, Veach has shown a tendency to go after players he likes (the Chiefs traded up three times in the actual NFL Draft), so if that’s the case with Alexander, Veach could make a play. The Chiefs’ have nine picks in next year’s draft, and CBS Sports projects Alexander to go in the 5-7 round range.

What do the Chiefs have in LB Reggie Ragland?

Last offseason, the Chiefs were in search for another inside linebacker to add to the roster, and one of their original calls was to the Dallas Cowboys for Anthony Hitchens, but the Cowboys weren’t interested in the move, presumably being unsure about Jaylon Smith.

Robert McCray is a Chiefs name you ought to know

Indiana EDGE prospect Robert McCray could be a player to watch at training camp coming up in St. Joseph.

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