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Former Chiefs OC Matt Nagy: Patrick Mahomes is going to have a great career

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The former Chiefs offensive coordinator and current Chicago Bears head coach joined Fescoe in the Morning on Tuesday

Chicago Bears Introduce Matt Nagy
Matt Nagy loving live as the head man
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator and current Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy took some time to appear on Fescoe in the Morning on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City Tuesday.

After discussing what it is like to finally be a head coach himself, Nagy shed some light on the dynamic between Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes last season. From the sound of it, there might have been more tension there than the Chiefs let on at the time of the Mahomes selection.

“It’s just human nature when you’re the guy, meaning Alex, and your team goes ahead and moves up 17 spots to get a young guy that obviously is the future, that’s hard and that’s not easy for anybody to accept,” Nagy explained. “We knew that as a staff and it’s all hard on Patrick coming into that situation, but what’s so great about coach (Andy) Reid and Brett Veach and what those guys have done is just being able to, especially with coach Reid, teaching me how to handle that room and how you go about being able to explain the situation to the guys and just being professionals. And they did that. Fortunately for us last year, having a guy like Alex, he’s been through it all; he’s seen it all. Number one draft pick in the NFL, had some ups and downs in his career in San Francisco, comes here to Kansas City, rejuvenates his career and now all of a sudden, a young guy’s coming into be the future. That’s not easy ... When we first got together those first couple practices, those first couple meetings, it was a little different—it was a little awkward.”

But that feeling changed, Nagy explained, as Smith got to know Mahomes more and more.

“That was squashed right away when they both, basically without saying anything, told each other they respected one another,” Nagy said. “You could tell Alex respected Patrick just by the way he handled himself. Patrick didn’t come in trying to be the big dog and trying to act like he’s the next guy in line. He just did what he was supposed to do as a third-string quarterback.”

We learned of a physical example of that when we learned a couple weeks back that Mahomes refused to accept endorsements as a rookie.

“Alex didn’t treat Patrick any different,” Nagy said. “He just went about his business and when Alex and I had our discussion after the draft, we just said, ‘Control what you can control and don’t worry about any other stuff.’ So Alex kind of had this mindset of, you know what? I’m just going to handle my business. I’m going to play the way I can play and make it a tough decision each and every day, each and every play and he went out and did that. He had a great year last year and I’m very fortunate, we in Kansas City were very fortunate to have Alex and he’s going to continue that success in Washington.”

Smith led the Chiefs to playoffs four out of his five seasons as starter and earned a lucrative new contract with the Redskins for his career year in 2017.

Meanwhile, in 2018, Kansas City continues to brace itself for the Mahomes era to begin.

“Pat’s going to have a great career,” Nagy added. “He’s a special quarterback with a lot of talent. Everyone talks about his arm talent and how special his arm talent is and I was able to witness that for last year, and you obviously got to see what he did in that Denver game, and we knew that going into it last year with the draft. What a lot of people haven’t been able to really see yet in Kansas City is how well he handles his teammates when he’s in the locker room and how he is and how he handles himself around these other veterans on the practice field. Those are traits you look for in a quarterback ... I think the biggest thing—the hype can get so big for a kid—he’s still young, and there’s going to be some adversity. There’s going to be some ups and downs, and as long as everybody stays patient and realizes that, he has a very bright future.”

Bob Fescoe and Josh Klinger spoke to Nagy for more than 15 minutes, also getting into Chiefs’ offensive changes with Mahomes at the helm, Andy Reid influences and watching fellow ex-Chiefs coach Doug Pederson get a ring with the Eagles.

To listen to the interview in its entirety, follow this link.