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Early Madden 19 ratings are out and Eric Berry is the top Chief

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The ratings were released in connection with EA Sports’ Game Changers program

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OK, fellow Madden nerds.

Miguel “Gator” Lozada got his hands on an early version of Madden 19 via the EA Sports Game Changers program. According to the EA Sports website, Game Changers is “a community partnership program that fuses content creators and expert players directly into the game development process enabling early collaborative feedback for improvements.”

Over the weekend, Lozada posted two videos to YouTube that provide an early look at Madden ratings. The first is overall team ratings:

The Chiefs are rated an 80 overall, an 81 on offense and an 81 on defense. Using the law of averages, Madden 19 is rating the Chiefs’ special teams units a 78. As you can see, the top three-rated players as of now are safety Eric Berry (95), tight end Travis Kelce (94) and running back Kareem Hunt (89). More on the top three in a second.

The second video posted by Lozada gave a closer look at team ratings:

There is a little bit of a disconnect here, as in the second video, the top three Chiefs are Berry, Hunt and Chris Jones. I’m guessing this is a different type of game mode because there is absolutely no way that Kelce is an 83. The 94 rating makes much more sense.

Still, if there is something to these individual ratings, it was a little alarming to me that Tyreek Hill had a speed rating of 96 and an acceleration of 95. I’ve watched Hill plenty in person and I have never seen a faster human in my life. These should both be 99.

Lozada notes in both videos that this is an early version of the game and ratings, so both are subject to change.

Back to the top three. Going by the first video’s rankings that make much more sense, again, the top three Chiefs are Berry (95), Kelce (94) and Hunt (89).

These seem pretty close to right, but I think a case can be made for Berry being lower and Kelce being higher. If you’re like me and automatically wondered what New England’s Rob Gronkowski is rated, it’s a 99. That is too much of a disparity. Kelce and Gronkowski at this point should be even or at most, a point or two off.

I think Hunt’s rating is probably right where it should be, but there are a few players on the Chiefs who you could argue should have broken 90 overall by now. They are Hill, Justin Houston and Sammy Watkins.

Again, since this is an early version of the game, these ratings are subject to change by the game’s official release.


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