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Mitch Schwartz just made the greatest cheeseburger of all time

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Kansas City Chiefs OL Mitchell Schwartz is an above-average NFL right tackle; he may be a better cook.

The Chiefs are off for the next five weeks or so, and Schwartz wasted little time getting to the grill to cook himself up what he described as “the best thing he ever cooked.”

I mean...look at that thing.

Say you were a rookie looking to make the team, or a grizzled vet reaching for playing time, how about inviting lover of cheeseburgers Andy Reid over for one of your succulent Salisbury steaks?

Luckily for Schwartz, he has yet to miss a snap in his six-year career, so he doesn’t need to use this wondrous creation for clout. Reid can stay where he is.

Now Pat? Pat can have whatever he wants.

Recipe here.