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Arrowhead Pride has a new contributor

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AP medical expert Aaron Borgmann has 12 years of NFL experience as an assistant athletic trainer.

We announced a new contributor to the Arrowhead Pride team on the debut episode of Arrowhead Pride Radio on 610 Sports Radio Thursday night.

Aaron Borgmann spent 12 seasons on the NFL sidelines as an assistant athletic trainer and physical therapist for both the Philadelphia Eagles (2006-2013) and Kansas City Chiefs (2013-2018). He recently got out of the game and started a new business called AB Rehab Solutions.

To my knowledge, AP has never had a medical expert, so this addition changes the game for us as far as the coverage we can provide. As injuries happen, as they do in football quite frequently, Borgmann will be able to provide our site with instant analysis.

Once an injury is officially announced, Borgmann will give us an accurate depiction of the next steps in the injured player’s recovery, including detailed injury description, options (such as surgery vs. non-surgery) and a range of time when readers can expect to see that player back.

Borgmann hopes to educate the common fan about his area of expertise, the rehab process, with an article a week along the way. You can follow Borgmann on Twitter at the handle, @RehabAllStar.

Welcome to the team, Aaron!