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Patrick Mahomes to GMFB: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

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Patrick Mahomes graded last year’s no-look pass a 6/10

Pat Mahomes was a little sleepy Thursday morning.

Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes appeared on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football Thursday morning, and the interview was similar many that we’ve heard from Mahomes to this point.

That was until GMFB panelist Nate Burleson brought up Mahomes’ no-look pass in the Week 17 game against the Denver Broncos last season.

Burleson: “Let’s break down a play that brought everyone out of their seat ... you fake the handoff, you step up in the pocket and it appears you throw a strike to Albert Wilson without really looking to see where he is. Can you kind of break this down?”

Mahomes: “Yeah, so, it was just a deep-cross concept, one that I’m sure everybody in the NFL has. I step up in the pocket, and I saw the linebacker was covering the guy I wanted to throw to, so I knew if I looked up the field and acted like I was running, he would squeeze in a little bit, and I did for the most part no-look it. I would grade it as like a 6/10 on the no-look scale. I think I’ve had some better. That’s something that I worked on throughout college and sometimes I did it on the scout team last year. And so I’m going to try to stay looking at the targets as I throw them this year, but it might come out.”

To close the interview, Peter Schrager asked Mahomes how far he could throw the ball. Mahomes answered 85 yards.