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Tyreek Hill says he wants to be No. 1 on the “NFL Top 100”

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Hill is comfortable and noticeably ready for the upcoming season

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chief Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Tyreek Hill appeared noticeably comfortable after the Kansas City Chiefs’ first mandatory minicamp practice Tuesday, long gone the days of podium nervousness we’d become accustomed to when he was a rookie.

On this day, Hill wore a red shirt with a print of his face on it, a gift he said he received from a tattoo artist he knew.

“It’s pretty cool, huh?” he asked before awaiting more questions.

His next answer confirmed what was already very visible.

“I feel great,” he said. “Everything’s clicking. Patrick’s looking good. With the addition of Sammy (Watkins), he came in, working his tail off. Chris (Conley) is back healthy. We got Kareem (Hunt). Everything is going in the right direction right now.

Hill entered this offseason coming off the first 1,000-receiving yards season of his career. That output and his seven touchdowns to go along with it landed him at No. 40 on this year’s NFL Top 100 countdown.

But Hill explained Tuesday that while he is delighted to be back on the countdown, he is not yet satisfied.

“When it comes down to stuff like that, I’m always thankful, just to even be on the list. I’m just blessed just to be even on the list because as a kid, you grow up and you see all these great players making the list. It’s not a big deal to me but obviously, I want to be number one, so I have to keep getting better and keep grinding each and every year.”

To do that, Hill said that he has “scheduled in downtime” this offseason (he jokingly noted after playing Fortnite) for his playbook, film and watching other great receivers run routes.

“Man, I watch every receiver,” Hill said. “Every day. Big, small. AB (Antonio Brown), Julio (Jones), AJ (Green), Stefon (Diggs). I watch every receiver. You know? Because I’m trying to add some of their game to my game.”

The presumed idea the Chiefs entered this offseason with was that as Hill works to take his game to yet another level, he will continue to see single coverage because of the addition of Watkins, the growth of Hunt and dominance of Travis Kelce.

The main focus for Hill this offseason was to return to the team with a much-improved route tree.

He did just that, leaving minicamp as a window for him to master timing with the Chiefs’ new starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

That too, he said, is coming along.

“I feel like our timing is great,” he said. “Even down the field. Patrick has a strong arm and this is what OTAs is for—to get that timing down and get that connection down. I feel like thus far, our timing’s great.”

The top 40 is nice, but in 2018, Hill’s ready to go platinum.