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PODCAST: Reviewing every Kansas City Chiefs pick in the NFL Draft

Thank you.

Before I say anything else: Thank you.

Jake and I had so much fun talking about the Kansas City Chiefs draft with you all for the last few months. We were lucky to get to share some of our passion for the NFL Draft and getting to hear from all those who we share that with.

The dust has settled on the draft, we’ve had some time to watch more of the Chiefs’ selections and formulate more opinions. We discuss every pick and profile some undrafted free agents we are paying attention to.

We also have one of my favorite segments of the season. We were able to get some fellow draft nerds involved on the show this week. You’ll get to hear some takes from other members of the Arrowhead Pride community.

Thanks again. We’ll be back next year.

On the show: Breeland Speaks - 1:44, Breaking down rounds three through six - 11:35, Undrafted Free Agents to watch for - 17:54, Takes from some fellow draft nerds - 28:46, Wrapping up draft season - 35:25

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