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Which Kansas City Chiefs player is most likely to exceed expectations in 2018?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Conley (17) signs autographs for fans before the game against the Washington Redskins at Arrowhead Stadium. 
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things we like to do on the Arrowhead Pride Podcast is read and answer your tweets. This was a good one from AP reader Tim:

(speed up to minute 46 on the podcast to listen to the discussion instead)

Joel Thorman: “I’ll take this one first, I’ll go with whoever the No. 2 back is.”

Pete: “Spencer Ware?”

Joel: “Yeah. Spencer Ware. Last year, Kareem (Hunt) got a pretty healthy amount of the touches, I think they’re going to mix that up a little bit this year, and I think they’re going to give somebody behind Kareem a little bit more work, and so I think that person, probably Spencer Ware at this point, is going to have a pretty good season.”

Shawn Barber: “Since I’m the only person in Kansas City that believes in the Rova (Barber’s nickname for Tanoh Kpassagnon), I’m going to go with TK. I’m going to say my Rova ends up—”

Pete: “He’s been replaced, man!”

Shawn: “Like I said, I’m the only person in the Kansas City area who believes in the Villanova Rova, so I’m going with that young man, but I could probably also say Dee Ford, because I think a lot of people—they hope and pray he’s going to regain some of that rookie-year form, but I think most people have kind of written off Dee Ford as somebody who’s beyond his prime, is injury-ridden and can’t do it long-term, so I’m going to go with Dee Ford and the Rova.”

Pete: “I’ll give you one offense and one defense. For me, on offense, Chris Conley, coming back from the injury. I thought he was having a good season last year before he went down to injury and with these other dudes, this guy should be wide open every play, and so he’ll have a lot of room, he’ll have the worst defender on him. Interesting for me to see how Conley does. I also think Steve Nelson has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. I think he was a little hurt last year—remember he missed half the season and then came back mid-way. I don’t think he was ever right. I think this is a golden opportunity with Marcus Peters gone to become one of these really solid cornerbacks in the NFL.”

Shawn: “Can we bet lunch on Conley and (Demarcus) Robinson, who ends up being the third wideout?”

Joel: “I’ll take that.”

Shawn: “I’m taking Robinson all day.”

Joel: “I think I might take Robinson, too.”

Pete: “The thing that I like about Robinson is that it seems like (Patrick) Mahomes has a rapport with him...”

Joel: “That’s what I thought.”

Pete: “But the thing about Conley, there were a couple plays last year with Alex Smith where it was tight windows, hard catches, getting the feet down.”

Joel: “Conley’s got that Mr. Reliable thing going where Andy (Reid) knows he can throw him out there—he’s going to do exactly what he wants him to do.”

Pete: “My two guys—Conley and Nelson—they’re going to have chips on their shoulder too because if you’re Chris Conley, you’re recovering from an injury and they go out and spend all that money on Sammy Watkins, you have to be like, ‘Listen, what’s going on here? I have to work harder than this.’”

Shawn: “I don’t know, man. That’s your thought. You think that’s the way he’s thinking.”

Pete: “I mean, how are you going to make your money if Sammy Watkins is on the field? How is Conley not thinking that?”

Shawn: “Robinson has untapped potential. To me, he’s in that Emmanuel Sanders (range). I see this guy that when he is released, especially because he’s a third wideout, and you have to pay so much attention to (Travis) Kelce and Hunt and (Tyreek Hil)l, now Sammy Watkins, he may go unguarded a fourth of the snaps—just don’t even guard him.”

Pete: “Robinson had opportunities last year, and he did nothing though.”

Joel: “Yeah.”

Shawn: “What!? What you mean, nothing? You have to throw the ball. Release the ball. Release the ball and he makes plays.”

We read more tweets and discuss each Chiefs draft pick on this week’s episode of the Arrowhead Pride Podcast. You can listen on iTunes, Google Play, at this link, or by using the player below:

Who’s your pick?

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