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Three out of four Good Morning Football panelists pick Chargers over Chiefs

Peter Schrager saved the day.

The panel on Good Morning Football decided to power rank the AFC West Tuesday morning, and it wasn’t pretty for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Nate Burleson, Kay Adams and Kyle Brandt all ranked the Los Angeles Chargers first and the Chiefs last before Voice of Reason Peter Schrager took the stage.

“The number one team in the AFC West is the team that won the division last year, brings back their head coach, added Sammy Watkins, brings back Travis Kelce, brings back Kareem Hunt, brings back Tyreek Hill. Guys. They didn’t lose Alex Smith to free agency. He didn’t walk out the door and get a Kirk Cousins situation. They actively traded him away. They didn’t want him anymore because of the guy they have in-house, so I’m going to trust their front office and their coaching staff that Patrick Mahomes is an upgrade to Alex Smith and they got something. Number two, the Broncos, they went and got a quarterback. They’ve got one of the best defense in the league, now you add a quarterback in Case Keenum, and three, the Chargers. I know all three of you guys have picked the Chargers to win and they finished the season great last year, but the Chargers haven’t been to the playoffs in five years. They start off the season every year like crud, and they have to come out and they win these games that mean nothing, and then they lose when it matters. They had a chance to go into Arrowhead on Christmas Eve last year and they got the doors blown off like they always do. They don’t know how to play in big games yet, and quite personally, I can’t put them above the Chiefs or the Broncos. The Chiefs, I’ve seen win big games in the AFC West and I’ve seen a lot of these guys on the Broncos win a Super Bowl, and as for the Raiders, it’s just wait and see. I don’t know what the Jon Gruden era will give.”

Picking the team that has won back-to-back division titles to do it again. Crazy concept.

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