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Why are there no reports coming out of Chiefs OTAs?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs OTAs began on Tuesday, and someone in the AP comments asked why there have been no reports. There have been no reports because the first two OTA practices have not been open to the media. The first Chiefs media availability is this Thursday.

Here’s what we know:

Last season, when OTAs were open to the media every day, Eric Berry, Justin Houston and Marcus Peters didn’t show, so reporters asked Chiefs head coach Andy Reid about it multiple times (Keep in mind OTAs are voluntary).

Here was Reid’s response:

“Let me tell you how I work on this whole thing about guys not being here. I can allow [the media] out here one time. If I get pummeled—I want everyone to hear this—if I get pummeled on who’s here and not here, we’ll just do the one. We come out here—we give you every day that we can talk to these guys. Don’t worry about all that. It’s a voluntary camp. That’s how I’m going to answer it every time you ask. Understand that. All right, next question please.”

Reid followed through on those words this season, as the media will be allowed once a week, scheduled for this Thursday, May 24, then the following two Thursdays on May 31 and June 7.

This isn’t necessarily a response to last year’s line of questioning, but could be. Another running theory I have is this is an NFL trend that other teams around the league have already employed, so the Chiefs are just following suit.

It also could be because the Chiefs are presumably installing a new offense for the first time since 2013, with Patrick Mahomes taking over as the starting quarterback. Reid has shown a tendency in the past of wanting to keep things close to the vest. That could very well be the case here.

No matter the reason, the only thing we have to work with right now is this gallery and this locker room dance video courtesy of AP contributor Reggie Ragland.

More Thursday.


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