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Arrowheadlines: Best Chiefs players under 25, Tyreek Hill talks

Franchise player or cap hog? The wisdom of heavy QB spending |

So I can't understand why teams continue to overpay middling players at the position when we know those players aren't single-handedly capable of reversing the fortunes of the franchise on the strength of their arm and playmaking ability. Sure, they can win games, but to get the job done at the highest level, they need support, whether in the form of a dominant No. 1 receiver, an explosive multi-purpose running back or a solid offensive line. Granted, football is ultimately a team game, but if you're going to pay a quarterback $20 million-plus, he needs to be the best player on the team, or you're jeopardizing your chances of building the right supporting cast to help him lead the team to significant wins.

Kansas City Chiefs' Tyreek Hill dishes on his speed, revamped offense | NBC Sports

Kansas City Chiefs wideout Tyreek Hill joined PFT to discuss his world-class speed, as well as the new offense which will be led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Top 10 Kansas City Chiefs players under age 25

So, it’s time to go through the roster and give our choices for the players who have yet to hit their 25th birthday. A couple of them will be leaving the list very soon with age 25 right around the corner, but one look at the list will give an idea of the type of quality young core the Chiefs have been able to assemble in recent years. Here’s a look at which players stand out.

Are the Kansas City Chiefs building the best offense in team history? | AA

If you think that sounds a little too optimistic or “homer-ish” I will counter your doubt with the fact that last season’s Chiefs team was statistically one of the better in the history of the franchise with Alex Smith at quarterback. While Smith was sensational last season I think we can all agree that the Chiefs see a higher ceiling in Mahomes. Will he hit that ceiling? There’s no way to know right now but with a higher upside quarterback, the addition on another playmaking wide receiver in Sammy Watkins, and all the other top playmakers (Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill) returning it is certainly possible that in the near future the Chiefs offense could surpass the production of last season which would instantly put them in the conversation of best offenses in team history.

NFL's Best GMs 2018 - Goal Line Stand |

Andy Reid’s latest disciple, 40-year-old Brett Veach had an eventful first year on the job. Although it is Reid calling the shots, Veach has had a hand in transitioning from one franchise quarterback to another, dealing a talented-but-volatile young corner in Marcus Peters and surprisingly signing Sammy Watkins to pair with Tyreek Hill. That was the easy part. With Reid gearing up for another run behind Patrick Mahomes, Veach’s challenge starts now. He must avoid the salary cap issues that plagued John Dorsey and funnel young talent to an aging and undermanned defense. That second task was made more difficult by this year’s paucity of draft picks. The Chiefs had just one selection in the first 74 after 2017’s trade up for Mahomes. Hired last July, Veach will largely get a pass for his first 18 months on the job. It’s next offseason that he needs to come ready to play.

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