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Chiefs rookie CB Tremon Smith pops up on fantasy rankings

We explain.

CB Tremon Smith, future fantasy star?

(Author’s Note: I found this interesting; if you hate fantasy football, you won’t.)

I know many of you know what fantasy football is, so what is dynasty fantasy football?

Dynasty fantasy football is a type of keeper league in which a team holds on to all players from year to year and replenishes rosters through rookie-only drafts. It is probably the closest you could ever get to owning an NFL franchise without, you know, having $2.275 billion lying around.

So why do I bring it up Thursday morning?

Because in an article he published Wednesday, fantasy analyst Marcas Grant included rookie CORNERBACK Tremon Smith at No. 25 on his wide receivers-to-draft list.

Keep in mind: 25 is a low ranking, but Smith was still ahead of nine other rookies. It’s because of his WR background.

“Ninth through eleventh grade I played receiver,” Smith said this offseason. “I always was able to go high-point the ball. I knew when I went to defense I wanted the ball in my hand, I missed having the ball. It just made me play more hungry, wanting to be a playmaker.”

Playmaking is also the reason Smith will look to compete as a kick returner at Chiefs’ training camp.

“Rookies make their names on special teams their first few years so I am willing to do whatever it takes on special teams,” he added. “Moving from offense to defense, I want that ball in my hand. Every time I get the ball in my hand I am trying to score.”

If this whole cornerback thing doesn’t work out, a team (such as the Chiefs) may give Smith a look at wideout.

And if that eventually happens, Grant will have a small reason to tell you he told you so.

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