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Four Chiefs bets to consider with gambling “legal”

An article for the degenerate gambler in all of us.

Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The United States Supreme Court ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is unconstitutional on Monday, meaning states now hold the right to individually legalize gambling on sports.

While it already seems like the NFL will take its time with how to handle sports gambling’s potential legalization (as it probably should), the news made me wonder what bets are currently out there when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here are the four best (using

Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIII, 40-to-1 (+4000)

If you aren’t familiar with sports betting, we’ll use this first wager for a quick primer. The Chiefs are 40-to-1 to win the Super Bowl, or as you can see using U.S. odds, +4000.

So what does that mean?

It means if you were to bet $100 on the Chiefs, you would win $4,000 if they won the Super Bowl. If you bet $50, you would win $2,000. $25, $1,000. I think you get it.

I tend to like this bet because I think the Chiefs’ odds are so low because no one really knows what this version of the Chiefs is. Of course, that can also be dangerous.

But if you believe in them and Patrick Mahomes, bet now before oddsmakers have another chance to see him in action during the preseason.

Patrick Mahomes to win NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award, 66-to-1 (+6600)

Speaking of Mahomes, 66-to-1 NFL MVP odds are not too shabby for a quarterback with one career regular-season game to his name, and given that the winner is usually a quarterback, that makes this bet all the more intriguing.

For comparison’s sake, the favorite is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, listed at 6-to-1 (+600). New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is listed at 15-to-2 (+750) and both Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees are listed at 11-to-1 (+1100).

I like Mahomes, and even his chances to be a top-10 quarterback, but I’d take the field against anyone headed into next season.

(Note: RB Kareem Hunt is also an option here, listed at 50-to-1, or +5000)

Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC West Division, 7-to-2 (+350)

Oddsmakers haven’t liked the offseason for the Chiefs, as the back-to-back AFC West champions are listed as the longshot in the division.

They agree with Broncos general manager John Elway, who recently said the following, according to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King:

“It’s the wild, wild West. I thought the Chargers did a really nice job with the draft. They’ve got the settled quarterback, even though the Raiders do too. Looking at it, [the Chargers] may be the ones to beat. As I stand here, looking at it, the Chargers might be the team to beat.”

The odds:

  • Chargers, 7-to-4 (+175)
  • Raiders, 11-to-4 (+275)
  • Broncos, 3-to-1 (+300)

No respect.

Kansas City Chiefs to win more than 7 12 games, 2-to-3 (-150) has listed the over-under wins number for the Chiefs at 7 1/2, which is particularly low for a team who has made the playoffs four out of the last five seasons.

  • over 7 12 wins: 2-to-3 (-150)
  • under 7 12 wins: 13-to-10 (+130)

It would be my guess here that oddmakers don’t like the Chiefs’ young defense. But given Andy Reid and his ability to adjust, you’d have to think the Chiefs make it over the Jeff Fisher line.

I’d take the over.

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