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Travis Kelce shares the story of that time he threw a pass in hilarious fashion

The Kansas City Chiefs-New York Giants game from the 2017 season remains etched in my memory as one of the worst professional football games I’ve ever watched.

With the Chiefs at their own 40-yard line tied 6-6 with the Giants in the fourth quarter, Andy Reid called a second-down Travis Kelce pass.

In one of the worst professional football games I’ve ever watched (as I mentioned), it was one of the worst play-calls I’ve ever seen (I feel comfortable saying this now as Reid later admitted he should have left it on the play sheet).

Here’s the play:

On Tuesday, Kelce released a video on his official Twitter account recalling the interception:

Kelce: “My coach designs this play where I catch the ball, I fake like I’m running and I throw it to a wide receiver running downfield, and when he designs this play, he tells me I only have those options—either throw it directly to this guy running down the field, or I run the ball because he doesn’t want me scanning the field to find an open receiver, because I’m not a quarterback. We get to the game and sure enough, it’s the fourth quarter, the heat of the battle, we’re down a touchdown, he calls the play. The quarterback snaps the ball, throws it to me, I catch it, I act like I’m running, I look up, I see the wide receiver running down the field and he’s covered. I just happened to gander across the field to another wide receiver. Little did he know I was going to throw it; I knew I was about to chuck it at this point. It’s just bells going off in my head like it’s dinner time, like ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Like, I got to get that thing out ...One of the defenders comes running across the field and just ruins all of my dreams. Interception on that play. I feel at this point like an idiot.”

Throw that one into the funny-now, not-so-funny-then category.

UPDATE (5:48 p.m. Arrowhead Time): PATRICK MAHOMES WEIGHS IN

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