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They’re saying the Chiefs overpaid for Sammy Watkins

The signing of Sammy Watkins was a fun one because any time you can add a fast receiver to pair with the NFL’s strongest arm at quarterback you have to do it. Chiefs fans were excited about the move, although signing a big time receiver wasn’t necessarily on our radar before free agency.

The Chiefs three-year, $48 million deal with Watkins is viewed differently around the league. ESPN’s Mike Sando calls the Watkins deal the worst overpay of this year’s free agency season. Woof.

I can see how he comes to that conclusion. Watkins has one 1,000-yard season in his career. He didn’t even hit 600 yards receiving last year in the Rams offense. That doesn’t scream $16 million per year production.

The Chiefs, however, are paying for future production. They’re paying for what they think Watkins will do, not necessarily what he has done. At 24 years old, Watkins is not in his prime yet. Over the next three years Mahomes very well may be the best quarterback he has played with. There are reasons to think Watkins will have the three best years of his career in Kansas City.

The Chiefs are paying him like he will.

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