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This week in Patrick Mahomes chatter

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This week we saw Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes mentioned by ESPN, which said he is primed for a breakout season, Sports Illustrated, which compared his arm to the likes of Brett Favre, and Andy Reid, who once again wowed at his Week 17 start last year in Denver.

We discussed what it all meant on this week’s edition of the Arrowhead Pride Podcast.

Pete: “If this was San Francisco and Mahomes was in Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoes, this would be the national hype train, and you’re already seeing it in San Francisco. The fact that he’s in Kansas City is nationally why they’re not talking about him that much, but if he backs this up, by Week 4, people will be talking about the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Joel Thorman: “I am absolutely giddy. The no-look pass will be his thing, you know what I mean? Every franchise quarterback has a thing that they’re great at. (Tom) Brady’s clutch, (Peyton) Manning was such a great preparer. Man, I’m just absolutely giddy about this. I want to see him hit the field. I think picking him to have a breakout or huge year is really easy.”

Pete: “MVP or bust right now.”

Joel: “No. He’s not going to be a bust, come on Pete. Gah. Shawn, kick him out.”

Shawn Barber: “I already told you, Patty-cake is my guy, dog. I roll with Patty-cake. Make e’m shake all day.”

Joel: “Calling Mahomes a potential breakout star is super easy because they’ve added so many weapons on the offense and you have Andy Reid. We’ve been saying it since he was drafted—this is the perfect situation and now it’s finally coming up and other people around the league like Matt Bowen, former player, scout, he’s not one who tends to go in hyperbole.”

Pete: “The only thing that scares me about it, and I believe in Mahomes, I watched him at training camp firsthand. The only thing that scares me about the whole thing is it’s becoming an expectation, and that’s a lot of pressure.”

Joel: “There are no red flags. I was thinking about this. There are no red flags right now.”

Pete: “No, you already saw a game. He did pretty well. I mean, if you had to pick one red flag, it was that ugly interception, but everyone has interceptions.”

Joel: “I don’t even think that’s a red flag—I think maybe the Air Raid offense guys don’t succeed or something like that—other than that one who just won a Super Bowl. Other than that, everyone is saying the right things about how he prepares. We actually saw it on the field. His teammates—Kelce talks about him. They talk him up in practice, and the Chiefs have had every opportunity to slow the train down and they haven’t.”

For more on this conversation, the recent Chiefs role-player moves and the upcoming draft, listen here or click on the player below. Also available on iTunes and Google Play. New episodes every Wednesday.

On the show: 1:04 - Chiefs add veteran safety Robert Golden. 2:30 - Chiefs sign Matt McGloin and WR Nelson Spruce. 3:57 - De’Anthony Thomas is back in the weight room. What’s his role? 6:21 - ESPN calls Chiefs offense the best and defense the worst. 8:51 - Could the Chiefs draft-day partners with the Philadelphia Eagles? 13:30 - Patrick Mahomes II Weekly continues… 18:34 - Are the Raiders shaping up to be an embarrassment? 20:00 - offseason dates announced. 21:03 - Reading your tweets (Marcus Peters chatter, Emerson starting, RB rankings, draft, Anthony Sherman, Rams Super Bowl?).