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NFL insiders think Chiefs have potential for great offense, and a bad defense

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The storyline for the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason is that they’re giving Patrick Mahomes all the necessary weapons to succeed on offense while they’re re-making the defense.

ESPN’s Mike Sando spoke to executives about every team in the league and this quote on the Chiefs stands out in his piece:

“They basically committed to being the best offense in the league.”

Is that hyperbole? Is the Chiefs defense really going to be that bad that they have to be the best offense in the league? On paper it sure feels like it but Patrick Mahomes is the wildcard. I don’t know, it seems unlikely he’s going to command the best offense in the NFL in his first season. Right?

This next quote from another insider seems to think the defense is going to be as bad as you all have been telling me:

”They just don’t have anyone on defense right now,” another insider said, calling the Chiefs the NFL’s least talented defense heading into April.

This feels like hyperbole. The Chiefs still have some solid pieces like Eric Berry, Kendall Fuller and Chris Jones. Anthony Hitchens is a $9 million-per-year player and Justin Houston can still be a solid player. It’s not like there’s nothing there but it does feel like the defense is set up to be the culprit this year if things don’t go well.