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PODCAST: Evaluating the Chiefs’ three draft picks

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Let me talk those in my mentions on Twitter off the ledge here a little. The Kansas City Chiefs selected three players I had as fourth-round grades. None of them were on the Draftmas List.

Something is apparent here: The Chiefs don’t have the same roster concerns as we do. They likely aren’t as nervous on the back end of the defense. They loaded up on players that will play closer to the line of scrimmage. They’ve bolstered their run defense and added bodies to throw at offenses in pass rush. The Chiefs are making some shifts in philosophy, play style and personnel. They felt a need to adjust some attitudes and address some current and future needs on day three.

I had fourth-round grades on all three players. Some for inconsistency, some for positional value. Breeland Speaks needs work, but there are promising traits. Derrick Nnadi should be an immediate help on first and second down. Dorian O’Daniel is a core special teamer and nickel chess piece, possibly playing a role as early as this year. They all have a clear path to a role as early as this year and successful careers. None of these moves are splashy, but they could all be solid contributors in 2018.

They aren’t done either. There’s still four more picks to go. Players like Quenton Meeks, Holton Hill and Ian Thomas are still available. They all would be my highest-graded player taken.

On the show: Breeland Speaks - 1: 45, Derrick Nnadi - 5:57, Dorian O’Daniel - 10:16, Talking Chiefs fans off the ledge - 13:39, Mailbag - 21:11