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Andy Reid mentions Tamba Hali when talking about Breeland Speaks

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Andy Reid is live at the podium after the selection of Breeland Speaks in the second round.

Posted by The Kansas City Chiefs on Friday, April 27, 2018

When the Kansas City Chiefs are going to make a trade to move up eight picks to select a player, they do their homework.

Andy Reid, Brett Veach and the Chiefs did just that when they swapped two second and two third-rounders with the Cincinnati Bengals in order to select Ole Miss defensive tackle Breeland Speaks.

“I had a chance to talk to his coach (Matt Luke) and [Speaks] is a good kid, hard hard worker,” Reid said. “I never saw him take a play off, and he played a lot. A lot of times you put on college tape and these kids are on these rotations where they might make it through 50 percent of the snaps, but when you put on the tape, you’re going to see this kid play. He’s on the field. He chases everything and he’s relentless.

“I asked (Luke) the simple question—does he do that during practice? Our scouts had seen him practice and they said he did, but I talked to the coach and he said he did. I appreciate that, and I’m hoping he transfers that over to us.”

Speaks, 22, is listed as 6 feet 3 and 283 pounds and played all over the place in the Ole Miss defense.’s Lance Zierlein says that his best NFL fit could be an “end spot in the 3-4.”

Reid mentioned the name, Tamba Hali, twice, while discussing Speaks.

“This was one that [Veach] and I sat together and watched every snap,” Reid said. “The thing that amazes me about him, is he was never on the ground. The way he used his hands—that combination of things, it was really something. Brett did all the studies on him and you get comparisons to people, so similar to Tamba and his measurements, testing, all these things.”

Also written in Speaks’ reports are concerns about maturity issues, and there was a moment when Speaks was caught on television cameras taunting a coach. Reid said he addressed these issues with Speaks when he came to Kansas City for a predraft visit.

“I asked him everything,” Reid said. “I hit it all. I don’t shy away from that. You can tell he loves the game. He’s made some mistakes early in his career, on and off the field. We think that’s passed him. He owed up to everything—whatever things went on. He’s very honest that way and I think when you meet him you’ll get the feel of him.”

Reid said Veach and the Chiefs thought it was right to trade up because of how much they liked Speaks, as well as the way the board was shaping out.

“Brett’s got a pretty good feel on needs of other clubs or wants of other clubs, so he made the move and went and got him,” Reid said.

Last week, Veach mentioned how he will “wear Reid out” with players he especially favors, sending Reid film until the player is on Reid’s radar. This was a practice Reid said Veach did in the past with LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Fletcher Cox, Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes.

It is day zero of Speaks’ Chiefs career, but that’s fine company.

Veach saw something he liked. By now, we shouldn’t be the least surprised at his aggression.