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Chiefs draft pick Breeland Speaks gets the call, plus more reactions from around the Internet

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What they’re saying about the Kansas City Chiefs second round draft pick, LB Breeland Speaks of Ole Miss

The Kansas City Chiefs traded up in the second round of the 2018 NFL Daft to select Ole Miss defensive end Breeland Speaks. I call him a defensive end but apparently he will be playing outside linebacker in Kansas City. This according to Andy Reid who spoke to the media after the pick.

The Chiefs first pick came in the second round because they traded away their first rounder last year for Patrick Mahomes (ever heard of him). The Chiefs needed pass rusher help -- the No. 1 need on my list of Chiefs needs -- and this fills that need. I don’t know how much he can help in year one but I like the idea of a pass rusher.

Check out the reaction from his group when he was picked:

Let’s get to some reactions to the pick ....