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Chiefs are a trade-up team to watch

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The Kansas City Chiefs are a team to watch when it comes to trading up in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Chiefs, who didn’t have a first-round pick, have the 54th overall pick tonight but could package other picks (or players?) to move up.

Kent Swanson wrote about the players the Chiefs should target if they trade up and now NFL Network’s Albert Breer has a draft piece up naming the Chiefs as one of the teams looking to trade up.

Other teams are keeping an eye on Kansas City to come up the board—the Chiefs actually talked to the Eagles last night, I’m told, about acquiring the No. 32 pick. It’d be for a corner, which makes sense in the wake of the Marcus Peters trade, and given the players (like Iowa’s Josh Jackson and Colorado’s Isaiah Oliver) available.

Kent has CBs Josh Jackson and Isaiah Oliver as the next two top cornerbacks on his top 100 players list. Watch for those names. This second-round mock draft had the Chiefs taking Oliver at the 54th pick. This is interesting because the Chiefs have not only their second round pick but also two third-round picks. They have the ammo to move up if they want to.

A few more reasons why Chiefs GM Brett Veach might move up:

  • Veach said he traded up every time in mock drafts they do with their staff.
  • Veach said on the first night of the draft they made calls for picks 27-32.
  • Veach said there are four or five first-rounders still on the board.