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Chiefs remain quiet on day one of NFL Draft

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Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach said he felt “all the cards were on the table” last week when asked about whether or not he would trade into the first round.

But when it came down to it on Thursday night, Veach and the Chiefs stood pat.

Veach had been so aggressive between signings and trades leading up to the draft that he joked his fellow personnel men were concerned that would carry over.

“I have a group of guys up there who are worried that I’m going to be too aggressive,” he said. “Everyone does this, and we’ve done this the last five years, you go through mock drafts just like you see online. We kind of just play that game ourselves in regards to what do we do if, or what about if this guy slides.

“I think every scenario had me trading up and my guys were like, ‘We have a lot of good picks here.’”

Eight, in fact, and in the end, the Chiefs kept them all heading into day two.

Chiefs’ picks

Round 2 - pick No. 54

Round 3 - pick No. 78 (from WAS)

Round 3 - pick No. 86

Round 4 - pick No. 122

Round 4 - pick No. 124 (from LAR)

Round 6 - pick No. 196

Round 7 - pick No. 233

Round 7 - pick No. 243