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Will the Chiefs trade up Thursday night?

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Maybe. And here’s how.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone knows that the Kansas City Chiefs have no first-round pick Thursday night due to last year’s trade with the Buffalo Bills resulting in quarterback Patrick Mahomes becoming a Kansas City Chief.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Chiefs won’t have a first-round pick before night’s end. In his third and final Chiefs mock draft, Terez Paylor of The Kansas City Star noted that there is a “healthy chance” the Chiefs trade up.

So let’s explore how the Chiefs could do so. Right now the Chiefs hold eight picks, including No. 54 overall (second round), No. 78 overall (third round) and No. 86 overall (third round). The Chiefs also hold two fourth-rounders, one sixth-rounder and two seventh-rounders.

I think trading into the top 20 would be too rich for the Chiefs, so let’s assume for this exercise they want to trade up to pick No. 25. What would that cost?

Using this trusty trade value chart, the 25th overall pick, currently held by the Tennessee Titans (*shudder*), is worth 720 points, so the Chiefs would need to match that. The Chiefs can get to 720 points by trading pick No. 54 (360 points), pick No. 78 (200) and pick No. 86 (160). 360 + 200 + 160 equals 720 because I used a calculator and checked.

If the Chiefs used picks solely from this year, they wouldn’t pick until the fourth round if they traded up to 25. But keep in mind, they can also use future picks. And in 2019, the Chiefs own two second-rounders (the Los Angeles Rams sent a second-rounder back to the Chiefs in the Marcus Peters deal).

The additional second-rounder next year makes trading up Thursday night all the more plausible.

But should they do it? Weigh in below.


Should the Kansas City Chiefs trade into the first round Thursday night?

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