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Cheers and Jeers: draft prospects the Chiefs should avoid

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TWe’ve spent all of draft season talking about prospects I want the Kansas City Chiefs to take. Now it’s time to discuss the players I don’t want them to take, as well as which positions I’d like to see early runs on.

In other words, when some of these players go off the board early, cheer.

Cheering for an early run on...

Quarterbacks: While half of the league is scrambling to position themselves to select their quarterback of the future, we’re all laughing because, Patrick Mahomes. There are five quarterbacks locked in to go before 54. You should also hope that Mason Rudolph, Kyle Lauletta and Luke Falk are selected in the top 50.

Offensive tackles: Sure, the Chiefs could potentially use a young tackle if a player like Kolton Miller fell. But that’s so far down the list of needs that fans should be hoping a run continues to push more and more tackles up the board. If a run on tackles happens, players like Jamarco Jones, Tyrell Crosby, Chukwuma Okorafor and Brian O’Neill could be pushed up the board, giving the Chiefs a larger pool of positions of need to select from. The most notable player to cheer is Orlando Brown. His draft range is all over the place. Some people believe he should still go in the top 50. That would be great for the Chiefs.

Wide receivers: The early wide receivers start coming off the board, the better. Three in the first round would be a great start. While there are several wide receivers in this class I like, I’m willing to sacrifice losing them to acquire a more pressing need.

Running backs: The Chiefs already have too many ball carriers as it is. A run on the running back position helps. If players like Nick Chubb and Rashaad Penny come off the board early, cheer.

Jeers if the Chiefs select...

There are players at positions of need I wouldn’t be thrilled with. These players could all realistically be selected by the Chiefs. I would much rather them go elsewhere and before the Chiefs pick in the second round.

CB Donte Jackson (#48 on my top 100): I like Jackson as a prospect, but don’t believe he’s the ideal fit at corner for the Chiefs. Jackson is a slight-framed corner that may be relegated to the slot when it’s all said and done. If he’s there in round three, I’m fine. First selection for the team? No.

WR D.J. Chark (#58 on my top 100): While I like Chark as a downfield receiver, I would prefer a player with his narrower skill set selected before the Chiefs’ turn. Some reports are he could sneak into round one. That would be great.

TE Hayden Hurst (#79 on my top 100): I like Hurst fine, but it benefits the Chiefs for him to be off the board early. Hurst is an older prospect, and tight end is one of the hardest transitions. I would prefer the Chiefs look for a younger prospect to develop and have a chance to get him on a second contract during peak years. I’m not interested until late in the third round.

EDGE Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (#92 on my top 100): Okoronkwo’s poor forty time gives me pause, as does his narrow skill set as an EDGE. He’s a player that wins with a speed rush and a nice inside counter move, but his testing doesn’t indicate that speed is as real as it looks against college pass rushers. Also add the fact that he struggles to set the edge and some project him as an off-ball linebacker, I’m out on him. The earliest I would look at him is late round three.

(Editor’s note: This is player AP analyst Shawn Barber believes the Chiefs will select.)

WR James Washington (#94 on my top 100): I don’t understand the top-50 love for Washington. That happening would be great for the Chiefs. I see a narrow skill set as a vertical receiver. I don’t want the Chiefs making an early investment in a player like that, and would love for Washington’s selection to help push a position of need down the board.

LB Malik Jefferson (fourth-round grade): I truly hope Jefferson is a top-50 selection. I was more nervous about him being in the Chiefs’ plans before Anthony Hitchens was signed. I don’t see the elite athlete Jefferson tested as on tape. I see a stiff, slow-to-diagnose linebacker that only looks athletic when moving in a straight line. Cheer if he’s selected before the Chiefs.

DL Harrison Phillips (fourth-round grade): I see a very good two-down lineman, but only that. Phillips is great as a run stopper, but I don’t believe in his ability to get up field and disrupt. Plus, I’ve heard some concerns about his knee. If he really is considered a second-round player, I’d rather him go off the board before the Chiefs pick.

DL Derrick Nnadi (fourt- round grade): Similar to the issues I have with Phillips, I don’t believe Nnadi to be more than a two-down player. I’m avoiding him prior to day three. If someone else would rather take him earlier than that, by all means, do.

EDGE Tyquan Lewis (fourth-round grade): I think Lewis is stiff as an edge rusher, and probably better profiles as an end in a 4-3 defense.

EDGE Duke Ejiofor (fourth-round grade): Similar to Lewis, I just don’t see a ton as a pass rusher in terms of flexibility and explosion that gets me excited about him as a prospect.

CB Anthony Averett (fifth-round grade): I’ve seen Averett mocked to the Chiefs far too often at pick 54 for my liking. While Averett is smart and sound, he’s also stiff and is slow to change direction. What’s more, he’ll also turn 24 in his rookie year, so he’s likely maxed out athletically. I would be disappointed to see him selected by the Chiefs in the second round.

AP Chiefs Draft Show

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